cardmenu.gif       The eXile presents its Political Trading Card Series
  • Roman Abramovich
  • Boris Berezovsky
  • Viktor Cherkesov
  • Viktor Chernomyrdin
  • Anatoly Chubais
  • Aleksandr Gavrin
  • Vladimir Gusinsky
  • Andrei Ilarionov
  • Mikhail Khodorkovsky
  • Victor Khristenko
  • Alfred Kokh - GAZPROM (new)
  • Dmitry Kozak
  • Aleksei Kudrin
  • Alexander Lebed
  • Michael Lesin
  • Yuri Luzhkov
  • John Odling—Smee - IMF EMPIRES (new)
  • Alexander Pochinok - LABOR DRIVERS (new)
  • Vladimir Potanin
  • Yevgeny Primakov
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Vladimir Rushailo
  • Alexander Smolensky
  • Sergei Stepashin
  • Strobe Talbott - US AIDS (new)
  • Vladimir Ustinov
  • Vladimir Vinogradov
  • Alexander Voloshin
  • Rem Vyakhirev

    Have a hard time keeping track of the Russian political scene? Can't remember who's hot and who's not? Fear no more: the eXile has a solution for you. We'll be publishing collectible political trading cards every other week. The cards have career notes and mini-bios designed to help U stay in the know. Simply cut along the dotted line and tuck your favorite hardball players away in the ol' shoebox. Who knows, they might even be worth something someday!