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Russia Babylon / October 2, 2008
By Team eXiled

The Russian vacation season has finally come to an end, but for fans of Tyolka Thursdays, this means the real fun has just begun. It is a little known fact that in Russia, autumn is the official start of the much anticipated summer-vacation-picture-posting season, in which tyolkas compete against each other to see who can post the sluttiest photos in the most exotic visa-free package-vacation locations. Those with access to yachts and boats tend to be a bit more modest, but for the majority of tyolki, who spend their August vacation on rocky beaches with 3-star Turkish hotels as backdrops, they have to spice up their photos with a little, ah, creativity. 

Tyol • ka n [Russ, a chick; a young woman, especially one who is sexually desirable and in heat]

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