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July 2008

A few years ago I wrote a column on how the Iran-Iraq War was the war nobody watched.

Well, thank God I was wrong. Maybe the US networks ignored that war but it turns out there were a lot of Iranian wannabe directors right there on the front line, getting it all on video. And thanks to the miracle of YouTube, you toobs can watch it all.

This is my absolute favorite clip so far. It’s shot from the very front of the Persian lines as Iraqi armor (T-55s, I think) advance toward them. (more…)

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Death Porn: Vodka, A Weapon For The Body And Mind

While the whole world has been focusing on Prime Minister Putin’s brutal slaughter of the Russian economy, a whole slew of other lesser, but oh so much more graphic, crimes have crept by undetected. We’re here to put a stop…

July 30th, 2008 | Comments (1)

Patriotic Babushka Sings Stalin's Praises

Ever wonder who exactly those 47% of Russians are who are nostalgic for the days of Stalin? Here is one babushka caught singing the Soviet anthem, and singing, and singing, testing the notoriously patient Russian masses…until

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One of the best things about war is that it’s a huge IQ booster. The only people who use their brains in peacetime are the suits: salesmen, real-estate agents. The rest of us just slog along for the paycheck, get…

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If you want to see a pure American evil puked up unrehearsed and uncensored, check out these Free Republic comments on the news that two people were killed and several more injured when a gunman started shooting in a Tennessee…

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Photo Rant: The Coppolas; Or, A Nice Landscape Spoiled

She’ll never get the grass stains out of those shorts You remember those old kid-game cartoons telling you there are 22 things wrong with this picture and you have to circle them all? Like, say it’s a picture of undersea…

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Iraq's Blood Rain Symphony

Here’s another great war graphic, courtesy of Yasha Levine at eXile. This one shows every coalition casualty as a red drop, so like Yasha wrote me, you see this blood rain falling on a map of Iraq as the days…

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