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October 2008
Tips for New Paupers

Little did I know that when I lost everything last year, I was doing research. At the time I thought it was just stupidity or bad luck or both. But now that the economy’s crashing, it turns out I’ve been…

October 15th, 2008 | Comments (34)

DAILY INQUISITION: The Further Punching of Christopher Buckley?

Today’s Defendant: Christopher Buckley, Again Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Being “the latest conservative/libertarian/whatever to leap onto the Barack Obama bandwagon” has lost Buckley his post at the National Review, the rag his father William F. founded, and he’s been…

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DAILY INQUISITION: Punching Christopher Buckley

Today’s Defendant: Christopher Buckley Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Like his father before him, Buckley has led a life of vilest error from beginning to end: speechwriter for G.H.W. Bush, author of reams of smug crap, wearer of that stupid…

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DAILY INQUISITION: Beware of False Gods Like Cletus

Cletus, god of the heartland Today’s Defendant: Evangelical Ministers Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Every few months for untold years now, an evangelical minister crawls out from under a rock in the American heartland and says something transcendently stupid that…

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THEATER REVIEW: Keep That Curtain Closed!

This is theater! I went to a play recently, I’m ashamed to admit. It was a Tom Stoppard play called Rock ‘n’ Roll, which is embarrassing beyond words. It wasn’t my idea! But even so, I went with a certain…

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Daily Inquisition: Stuff White People Like

Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Self-hatred is a dangerous game when practiced by Anglos. The danger is not that they will take self-hatred too far but, on the contrary, that in their capable hands it will quickly warp into coy…

October 10th, 2008 | Comments (1)

Daily Inquisition: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Today’s Defendent: Joe Arpaio Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Joe Arpaio is a man who enjoys his job. His job is terrorizing Mexicans, always a popular pastime in the southwest.  Arpaio wins 80-90 per cent approval from the aged voters…

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