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By Gary Brecher
The War-Se, The Better

It was a week for do-it-yourselfers in the war world. A little lesson for us all, that you don’t need a lot of hardware to make war. All you need is the old standbys: hunting rifles, blasting caps, and trucks…

Oct 17, 2002 | Comments (2)

By Field Marshal von Paulus
Feature Story: The eXile Guide To European Hatred

The Europeans have turned against America in the War On Terror. They believe that Americans don’t understand a thing about the world. That Americans are ignorant, shallow and drunk with military might. In such a people’s hands, all that weaponry…

Oct 2, 2002 | Comments (2)

By Gary Brecher
It's D-Day In Zalambessa

Let’s see how well you know your military history. Give the date and place of this comminique: “Our Victorious Forces Liberate Zalambessa!! Our victorious and heroic air and ground forces have liberated the town of Zalambessa after completely annihilating the…

Oct 2, 2002 | Comments (5)

By Gary Brecher
Future War: Hi-Tech Toys vs. Fanged Vermin

They asked me to think about how war would change over the next 150 years for the eXile’s anniversary issue. Weird to think about it: wars going on when you’re dead. My doctor told me it’s maybe 15 more years…

Sep 19, 2002 | Comments (2)


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By Gary Brecher
War Nerd: Make America Roman

Last column I asked readers to suggest wars that’d be more fun for the US to get involved in than Colombia. I got some great answers — and thanks everybody who wrote in — but when I looked into the…

Sep 6, 2002 | Comments (6)

By Gary Brecher
Colombia: A Hundred Years of Slaughtertude

Every day America gets deeper into the shit in Colombia. We’re dumping planeloads of cash on the Colombian army — $1.5 billion is what Rumsfeld’ll admit, so you gotta assume it’s more like ten billion with the rest squeezed through…

Aug 22, 2002 | Comments (5)

By Gary Brecher
Spain vs. Morocco: Two Muppets Du Iwo Jima

This year’s Oscar for best military comedy has to go to the island-claiming “war” between those great military powers, Spain and Morocco. It was a sidesplitter from beginning to end. Just imagine the battle of Iwo Jima turned into a…

Jul 26, 2002 | Comments (11)