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Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America
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By Mark Ames
Moscow Babylon: Free Edward Limonov

In the autumn of 1998, I got a call from Edward Limonov asking me if I could do a favor for him. His newspaper Limonka—known for its mix of extreme politics and avant-garde aesthetics—was preparing to celebrate its fourth anniversary at…

Mar 11, 2001 | Comments (1)

Editorial: What About the Virgins?

Lost amid the furor over the takeover of the Media Most empire is the following crucial truth: that of the key figures on either side of the controversy, none of them would be genuinely sexually appealing to any comely 16-year-old…

Mar 7, 2001 | Comments (4)

Live at the Witch Trials

Three men convicted of producing the class B controlled drug opium were each jailed… In each man’s case Judge McDonald took two years’ jail as the starting point for sentence. Otago Daily Times (April 17, 2001) It takes radio signals…

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Your Letters: [sic] of the Web

A [sic] BEFORE DYING Dear editor. Now that i have retired i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support that you’ve given me over the years. But i still think that you’re papers full…

Feb 1, 2000 | Comments (1)


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By eXile Staff
Issue #10 Cover

This is the cover of issue #10 of The eXile, published June 1997.

Jun 19, 1997 | Leave Comment

By Edward Limonov
Limonov Files: Jews: Effective, Excellent, Talented, Anxious, Crazy Arrogant, Self-Lovers, Megalomaniancs

The world has two extremely opposite opinions about them: 1. The destiny of Jewish tribe is terrible tragedy. It is exceptionally tragical. The Jews are martyrs of History. They are persecuted by non-Jews. 2. The Jews are ruling the world…

Jun 19, 1997 | Comments (2)

By The eXile
Issue #9 Cover

This is the cover of issue #9 of The eXile, published June 1997.

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