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By The eXile
Knock-knock! Who's Theerrre? The eXile Kustomer Komplaint Killer, Killing Kustomer Service at its Source!

Could anything be more frightening than the thought of Russian service becoming as full of gushing smiles, how-can-I-help-yous and have-a-nice-days as the average California juice shop? We at the eXile believe that the final death blow to the Russian soul…

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By Mark Ames
Moscow Babylon: Techno Land Otters

I can tell you God’s plan for this place very concisely: God created this place as a critique of me. – John Dolan I hate this time of the year. Being stuck in the Moscow heat is like unpaid overtime…

May 22, 1997 | Comments (1)

By Matt Taibbi
Feature Story: USAID: Jerks, Perks, and Propaganda

Whenever they travel overseas, most Americans are aware that the locals hate them, but few know why. Usually Americans ascribe bad blood to jealousy. Iranian flag-burning mobs? Uneducated, unfortunate and misguided people, afraid of progress. Okinawans? Sore losers, still mad…

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Issue #8 Cover

This is the cover of Issue # 8 of The eXile, published May 1997.

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By eXile Staff
Knock-Knock! Prank calling Moscow's Madams

Virtually every unmarried person-and certainly every unmarried man-who reads Moscow newspapers knows what he’s looking at when he sees an ad for “Massage.” Though The Moscow Times long ago disposed of the word in favor of the even more meaningless…

May 8, 1997 | Comments (2)

By Mark Ames
Moscow Babylon: Russia Turns Trendsetter

Almost two years ago, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Russia’s victory over the Nazis, I experienced the quintessential evening of Moscow Decadence. It began at around midnight in the parking lot of the Young Pioneer’s stadium. My…

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By Team eXile
Death Porn: A New Record?

While the United States is beginning to dominate the loony suicidal cult market, Russia is rapidly replacing America as the serial murder capital of the world. First Andrei Chikatilo set the modern record for serial murder victims by killing 53…

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