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By eXile Staff
Feature Story: Spring Madness!!!

We at the eXile were on the phone last week when a funny thing happened. We were hard at work at the time, researching an in-depth story on what spring in Moscow was really all about. Unlike other newspapers and…

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By Abram Kalashnikov
Press Review: Brit Press a Little Too Free

The fashionable writer Viktor Pelevin provides this neat little paradox in his latest novel, Chapayev and Pustota: “Foreigners, of whom there is an incredible number in Moscow, have for many years dressed in such a way that they could not…

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By Team eXile
Issue #7 Cover

This is the cover of The eXile Issue #7, published in May 1997.

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By Team eXile
Issue #6 Cover

This is the cover of The eXile Issue #6, published in April 1997.

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By Edward Limonov
Limonov Files: The Best Form of Word is Action

Few weeks ago, one of my party comrades brought me a present, a few military pennants. I hang them here and there in my apartment. One, with a sword, clenched fist, words “detachment of special task force” and slogan “The…

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By Matt Taibbi
Feature Story: The TsSR:  Moscow's Secret Prison

It’s happened to all of us at least once; out late at night, drunk, carrying a hundred bucks or so, and suddenly stopped by a couple of hulking cops and asked for documents. You don’t have them with you, so…

Apr 24, 1997 | Comments (1)

By eXile Staff
Knock-Knock! The eXile Saves the Moscow Tribune

Two Fridays ago, The staff of the eXile was shocked by the appearance of the Moscow Tribune‘s “Time Out” nightlife section-a new club listings page which included snappy, no-holds-barred descriptions of bars and clubs making liberal use of such phrases…

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