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Feature Story: How to Kill A Foreigner

A British expat goes down to the local kiosk to buy himself a pack of cigarettes, and notices a street bum begging for money. He hands the bum 3000 rubles, gets his cigarettes, then leaves. The next morning, passing the…

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Issue #1 Cover

This is the cover of The eXile Issue #1, published in February 1997.

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Issue #0 Cover

This is the cover of the infamous zero issue of The eXile published in February 1997.

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Death Porn: Patrick Hyland Strikes Again!

Patrick Hyland Strikes Again! The publisher and owner of the “Folium” publishing company was knifed to death on January 30th in a dispute over his database on psychological problems. “Folium” was a small company specializing in books on psychology and…

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Limonov Files: Limonov's Coup D' Etat

I have lived through two of them. The first time was in Serbia. Belgrade. February 1993. Mighty knock in the door of my room at hotel “Majestik” at 4a.m. Paratrooper-Sergeant picks me up. We are starting our voyage to Serbian…

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Feature Story: Living Hell

The Victim Where are your greatest dangers?-in pity. – Nietzsche I did everything I could to avoid her. She’d been leaving message after desperate-rape-victim-voice message on my answering machine. What could I say? You were your own worst enemy, Marina….

Feb 6, 1997 | Comments (1)