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By Gary Brecher
Iraq's Blood Rain Symphony

Here’s another great war graphic, courtesy of Yasha Levine at eXile. This one shows every coalition casualty as a red drop, so like Yasha wrote me, you see this blood rain falling on a map of Iraq as the days…

Jul 24, 2008 | Comments Off on Iraq’s Blood Rain Symphony

By John Dolan
Barenaked Schadenfreude

Page will be a bare naked lady in jail for sure. There was some wonderful news last week: Steven Page, lovable lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies, was arrested for cocaine possession. If Barenaked Ladies, BNL to their fans, were…

Jul 23, 2008 | Comments Off on Barenaked Schadenfreude

By Vika Bruk
The Great Bratskys: Spoiled Russians Abroad

Some time ago I was having lunch on the veranda at Moscow’s fancy Simachev Bar with my friend Alexei. He recently became the editor-in-chief of a high-end glossy magazine. We were having lunch and discussing my career options when I…

Jul 23, 2008 | Comments (1)

By Yasha Levine
The Daily Bribe: The Dirty World of Russian Political Bloggers

Sergei Gorshkov, the political blogger who’s in it for the money, not the politics — and isn’t afraid to say so It was a freakishly warm February morning in Moscow, eight days before Russia’s 2008 presidential election. Green army trucks…

Jul 23, 2008 | Comments Off on The Daily Bribe: The Dirty World of Russian Political Bloggers


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By Team eXiled
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Jul 23, 2008 | Comments Off on Contact Us

By Vlad Kalashnikov
American Surrender Monkeys: "Live On Chavez's Free Gasoline Or Die!"

What does the American surrender monkey call it when he is defeated in the Iraq War, and he is forced to retreat? A real country can accept defeat like a man, admit that it lost and it is retreating, as…

Jul 21, 2008 | Comments Off on American Surrender Monkeys: “Live On Chavez’s Free Gasoline Or Die!”

By Gary Brecher
The Taliban Strikes Back

The hills are alive with the sound of RPGs After six years of ignoring Afghanistan, things have gotten bad enough to force American officials to pay attention. For the past two months, U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have been higher than…

Jul 21, 2008 | Comments Off on The Taliban Strikes Back