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MSNBC: Mark Ames and Yasha Levine
Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America
September 2009
The Czar Of Right: I, Mark Ames, Predicted The Financial Crisis. And You Didn't. Ha-Ha-Ha.

It’s great to be right. It’s Sunday, a good day to gloat about how I was right and everyone else who gets paid serious money was a fucking idiot. The Financial Crisis that everyone claims they couldn’t possibly see coming? I…

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The King and Thai: Global Recession, Political Warfare and Discount Handjobs

In front of Bangkok’s countless sex fronts—massage parlors, hotels and go-go bars—brown-skinned northern women clad in logo-stamped fast-food styled polo shirts still let out their trademark drawn out hiss. “Maaaaaahhhh-ssaaaaaggggee.” But the deepest global recession since the onset of cheap…

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Sound Beam Weapons Turned On Americans

Here’s some blowback anyone could have seen coming from 10,000 miles away–or however far Iraq and Georgia are from the USA: those crazy LRAD sound-beam weapons which were used to devastating effect by Georgia’s authoritarian leader to crush massive pro-democracy…

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"Scariest Manson Girl" Susan Atkins Dies At Age 61

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