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MSNBC: Mark Ames and Yasha Levine
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The eXiled is looking to hire two extremely lucky interns this summer. Looking for the sorts of go-getters ‘n’ whippersnappers with web and design skills, research and editing skills, or, heck, absolutely no skills whatsoever. That sound like you? Then fella/missy, your summer-internship problems are over! (more…)

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Posted: May 26th, 2011


We’ve been on a suicide mission.

And you’ve had front row seats–and a free ride–the whole way.

But nothing is free forever, folks. Not even career-suicide. So you need to pitch in and help us see through our mission of making this world a little less comfortable for everyone, especially the satisfied-ites.

We’ve been on this career-suicide mission since our humble eXile beginnings in Russia, and we don’t know how to stop: Career-suiciding our way through the wonderful and frightening world of war-spotting with the “War Nerd” Gary Brecher; Running career-suicide missions against the Koch brothers and their libertarian organ-grinder monkeys long before anyone else even knew their names; testing out new innovative forms of Market-Based Invective® on human guinea pigs ranging from Dick Cheney lapdogs and neo-Confederate cross-chuckers to Daily Show Democrats and loathsome Hollywood liberals. (more…)

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Posted: May 17th, 2011

The biggest story of the past year—the takeover of America by the billionaire Koch brothers—was first reported by eXiled Online editors Mark Ames and Yasha Levine over two years ago, in a controversial article for Playboy. Dylan Ratigan sets the record straight once and for all on MSNBC”s “The Dylan Ratigan Show.” He asks Ames and Levine what the corruption of the journalism world, along with the political and economic world, means for America.

Watch it and weep:


Posted: March 24th, 2011


What is it with fashionistas and “white power” bullshit? First, there’s Gavin McInnes, whom the New York Times called a “white supremacist” back in 2003, at the peak of Gavin’s fame. Seems Gavin started an exciting new fashionista trend, because John Galliano, another fashionista who shares with Gavin McInnes a fondness for silly mustaches, just unveiled his “White Power Fashionista” line for the summer of 2011, emphasizing a hatred for Jews, and a love for the Guru of all white-power-fashionistas-with-silly-mustaches, good ol’ Adolph Hitler.

Here’s a video of Galliano outdoing Gavin at his own white-power fashionista game:


Posted: March 1st, 2011

Issue-284 The eXiled

Was The eXile satire, or not?

When the Kremlin shut The eXile down in 2008, it didn’t care if The eXile was satirical or not—satire is not a legal defense in Putin’s Russia. Here in the USA, satire does matter, which is why so many social media trolls upset by our America journalism have tried to claim that The eXile was not satirical, and therefore, our outrageous satirical writings should be judged and denounced as “non-fiction” “autobiographical” “memoirs” and the like.

They’re lying of course. But in case you’re not sure whom to believe, here’s a short list we compiled of those who described The eXile as it was intended:

“The eXile routinely criticized both the Kremlin and the West, using strong and irreverent language, according to local and international press reports. The paper was known for its political satire, which often tackled serious issues such as corruption, crime and poverty.”

—Committee To Protect Journalists, “English-language paper closes because of state harassment”

“an English-language satire newspaper called the EXILE”

Bill Moyers, PBS

“The eXile, a satire and politics newspaper based in Moscow”

The Nation

“On June 5, four officials from the Federal Service for Mass Media conducted an unscheduled audit of The eXile, a raunchy English-language satirical newspaper.”

US Embassy, Moscow (“Confidential” WikiLeaks cable)

“the Moscow-based satirical bi-weekly The eXile”

The Telegraph

“the satirical newspaper The eXile”

The Moscow Times

“The eXile, a satire and politics newspaper based in Moscow”

The Guardian UK

“The eXile was a mix of satire and real investigative journalism, media commentary and criticism”

Public Radio International

“No person or institution is spared from their [The eXile’s] razor sharp satiric viewpoint.”

Book jacket description“The eXile: Sex, Drugs and Libel in the New Russia”

“die englischsprachige Moskauer Zeitung ‘The eXile’… ist berühmt wie berüchtigt für seine politisch inkorrekte Satire und seine derbe Sprache.”

Der Spiegel

“Moscow’s satirical paper faces closure”

The Week

“eXile (satire)



(For those interested in knowing more, Vanity Fair published a big eulogy to The eXile in 2010.)

Posted: February 2nd, 2011

auis student logo exiled online

Earlier this month, The eXiled’s John Dolan published an explosive account about his year in Iraq teaching at the American University in Sulaimani, the capital of the Kurdish-controlled region in the north of the country. The university, known by its acronym AUIS, turned out to be little more than a corrupt neocon feeding trough for Republican Party faithful, a multi-million-dollar sinkhole headed up by a notorious Reagan-era neocon named John Agresto. Earlier this summer, Agresto read a 5-year-old exile article written by Dr. Dolan that was critical of the Iraq war and the neocons who cheered it on—and Agresto summarily fired Dr. Dolan for it.

The firing and Dr. Dolan’s expose created a bit of a shitstorm in Sulaimani—we are reposting an interview that Dr. Dolan gave to a local blog run by students at the AUIS program: (more…)

Posted: November 4th, 2010

mark ames ratigan show msnbc tea party1

Mark Ames appeared on MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show to talk about the Tea Party slave mentality, how Ames and Levine scooped their journalism peers on the billionaire Koch brothers’ furtive sponsorship of the Tea Party campaign, and how America’s democracy has become so corrupt it’s beginning to look just like Russia’s “virtual democracy.”


Posted: October 20th, 2010

Reader John M. sent us one of The eXile’s fabled “lost basement tapes”: our 1998 post-crisis Christmas charity song, “Send Them Crack” by “Bandit-Aid”: a giant fuck-you from all of us in Russia to the IMF, World Bank and all the corrupt “aid” donors who fucked Russia up so completely in the 1990s. Thanks John, we were pretty sure this song disappeared into the void, along with our memories of that era. For the uninitiated, you can now listen to an eXile classic number for the whole family. We put together a celebrity-studded Russian/expat crew to sing a charity song (roster and lyrics below) that’s a kind of love letter, circa 1998, from Russians/expats to America that says, “We’re really sorry that the USA’s capital city is so fucked up–here, here’s some crack, it’s on us, don’t mention it.” And to rub it in, we had the Russians sing “Send Them Crack” in intentionally mangled English–because that was our way of returning the thanks for all the stolen aid money in the 1990s. Below, we’re reprinting the lyrics along with the original press release that includes the cast of singers.

And now, behold the eXile’s 1998 Christmas Song! What a difference a decade makes, folks: O the irony!…


Posted: September 29th, 2010

Exiled editor Mark Ames appeared on the Dylan Ratigan Show this week to talk about the 2nd anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, the Tea Party electoral victories, and the decline of the American empire.


Posted: September 17th, 2010

Click the cover, buy the book!

Posted: July 11th, 2010

box jellyfish exiledonline

As we explained in our last issue, the eXile has created this new feature, the Schopenhauer Award, to serve the spiritual needs of our readers. Concerned that some of you might be backsliding from pure Nihilism, we’ve come up with a dramatic way to remind you what the world is really like. Each week we’ll introduce you to one of your fellow denizens of Slaveship Earth — the kind of critters you might try not to think about, left to your own devices. We feel sure that after meeting the hideous chunks of venomous, parasitic protoplasm sharing this world with you, you’ll be ready to agree with our Patron Saint, Arthur Schopenhauer, that, “unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, then our existence must have no object whatever.” Here to remind you of that bedrock truth is our second Schopenhauer Award nominee… (more…)

Posted: April 27th, 2010


Mark Ames joins Vanity Fair writer James Verini for an interview on the NPR radio show “Here & Now” with host Robin Young in Boston. They talk about the incredible 11-year history of the Moscow newspaper “The eXile” which was the subject of a recent Vanity Fair feature profile. Ames also talks about some favorite old themes: drugs, prostitutes, and how the sorry state of American journalism pushed him and former co-editor Matt Taibbi into increasingly desperate acts of journalistic extremism. (more…)

Posted: March 25th, 2010

Mark Ames gets his thrombo on debating (by way of shouting) with right-wing radio host Chuck Morse and liberal radio host Patrick O’Heffernan on their AM radio show “The Fairness Doctrine.” Hear them reach for blunt, heavy objects as they debate whether or not America was ever intended to be a democracy.


Posted: March 19th, 2010


See that trophy above, the one that looks like an upside-down bottle of VOSS designer water? That’s what the Western Publishers Association, a trade group for magazine publishers operating out in the wild west, wants to hand eXile Editor Yasha Levine for “Best Web Article” at their 59th Annual Maggie Awards.

While much of Levine’s work is worthy of such honor (more…)

Posted: March 17th, 2010

Ирина КОЛЧИНА, начальник пресс-службы УФСИН по Кировской области

Today is March 8, meaning it’s International Women’s Day in the former Warsaw Pact nations. It brings back mixed emotions–gagging, for starters, just remembering the revolting cheesiness of those fat, vain Russian TV hosts showing off their toasting skills in honor of women they could give a fuck about…and the Russian women in our lives who were mortally offended if you didn’t partake in the whole offensive ritual.

But then there was the other side of Women’s Day that makes us a bit nostalgic: Russia’s devushki. An abundance of devushki. So many devushki it gave you a headache. As this recent Komsomolskaya Pravda story on the “Girls of the Siloviki” shows, even the scariest devushki had a certain tantalizing “Amateur Hardcore MILF” quality about them that made it hard to think responsibly. (If you want to know more about the siloviki, click here. Would you like to know more?)

So here then is a March 8 photo essay showing off Kremlin Femdom at its best: The Girls of the Silovki: (more…)

Posted: March 8th, 2010

Issue #284

This article was first published in The eXile on March 6, 2008.

In this post-Russian presidential election issue, while the righteous American editorialists wag their fingers at Russia’s farcical elections, we want to hold up a giant mirror (with loudspeaker attached) across the Atlantic and scream what every sane American has been thinking for nearly a decade now: We’re Embarrassed To Be Americans. (more…)

Posted: March 5th, 2010

This footage–caught on camera–of a gnarly accident in Irkutsk, Russia, shows a Russian woman speeding out of nowhere and plowing into a couple of female pedestrians on the sidewalk like they were bowling pins. The most shocking thing is how no one gives a shit about the seriously-wounded pedestrians. Bystanders walk past the smashed pedestrians as if they’re sidewalk trash, and the driver doesn’t even check on the pedestrians lying a few feet away–the driver’s only worried about the damage to her fender. One of pedestrians was killed, and the other, the dead woman’s sister, has been left paralyzed. But no charges have been filed so far, cuz as it turns out, the driver of the fancy white car turned out to be the 27-year-old daughter of the regional election committee chairwoman. (more…)

Posted: March 3rd, 2010

In case you mighta mistaken South Carolina Republican Joe “You Lie!” Wilson for a principled populist who stuck his neck out on behalf of regular folks, this makes it clear that Wilson is nothing but a healthcare industry buttboy, and Dylan Ratigan doesn’t let Wilson get away with parroting his campaign sponsors’ horseshit:

Posted: February 23rd, 2010

Posted: February 19th, 2010

Listen to this radio interview as Mark Ames talks to radio host Scott Horton about Russia, the fuckups in the White House, how Larry Summers screwed the entire world up, and what Libertarians and the Left have in common. (more…)

Posted: February 2nd, 2010