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DAILY INQUISITION: Halloween Sarah Palins Must Pay

Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Anyone dressing up as Sarah Palin for Halloween is condemned to waterboarding with extreme prejudice. How we’re going to manage to torture such a huge crowd of morons I don’t know—we’ll have to hire a…

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DAILY INQUISITION: Human vs. Dog Bravery

Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: On rare occasions, certain people are brave, and must be commended.

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DAILY INQUISITION: White America Achieves Perfection

Today’s Defendant: White America Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Today we write in praise of White America. It’s long overdue, says Frank Rich, the New York Times columnist. He wrote a recent article called “In Defense of White America” in…

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DAILY INQUISITION: Animal Righteousness

Today’s Defendant: When Animals Attack! Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: There used to be this tremendously moral show on TV back in the 1990s called When Animals Attack! It was all about how you should respect animals or else suffer…

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The Daily Inquisition: Ashley Todd

The Damnation of Ashley Todd Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Little need be said here. What does a Texas Republican know about stigmata? What could an Anglo-Saxon understand about self-mutilation?

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Daily Inquisition: You Can't Win

The Good Book: You Can’t Win Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: There are few good books. You Can’t Win by Jack Black, a forgotten memoir of the 1920s is a very good book. For that, we honor it. This Jack Black…

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Daily Inquisition: Saint Andrew Lahde

The Canonization of Andrew Lahde Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Though Kenny Rogers will never write a song in his honor, Andrew Lahde is what redemption looks like. Or, more to the point, sounds like. Lahde spent the first part…

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