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MSNBC: Mark Ames and Yasha Levine
Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America
Yasha Levine – eXiled Editor


Yasha Levine is the former editor of The eXile and founding editor of The eXiled. Levine’s articles have appeared in Wired, The Nation, Slate, Penthouse, Time magazine, The New York Observer and elsewhere.

Levine and eXiled co-editor Mark Ames first broke the connection between the Tea Party and the billionaire Koch brothers in in February 2009, sparking lawsuit threats, and causing CNBC’s Rick Santelli to publicly distance himself from the Tea Party movement and cancel his Daily Show appearance. He was also the first to uncover the origins of the Koch family’s wealth and its connection to Stalin and the Soviet Union. No joke.

Yasha Levine is now a staff writer at NSFWCORP.

Yasha Levine used to live alone in trailer home in the desert exurb of Victorville, California, with his two guns, but is now recuperating in Venice Beach.


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